Thursday, January 4, 2018

Liver Oil Cod An Important Health Tip

Liver Oil Cod An Important Health Tip

This winter, give yourself the right nutrition to keep your bones from dying cold in the winter and enjoying excellent health. Ever wondered why most of us suffer from joint pain during the winter? Don't just blame it on lazy winter mornings when all you want is to cuddle in your blanket and avoid morning training. This is a little more than that! The truth is, during the winter, your body lacks the most important vitamins needed to protect your bones, vitamin D. Generally, the best source of vitamin D is through the sun's exposure to our body during the day. However, during the winter our body receives very little vitamin D because of the lack of sunlight this season. It causes our bones to fall limp and leads us to painful joint pain. To fight this problem every winter, depending on vitamin D supplements is definitely a smart choice.

However, synthetic supplements available on the market are not good for our bodies. They might give your body the amount of vitamin D needed and make your bones healthy again, but they do it at a cost of leaving some side effects that you may have to face for the rest of your life. As such, there must be extensive extensive research before you decide to get the supplement that best suits your needs. Looking back on your childhood or perhaps health-related advice inherited by parents in the family might be very helpful here.

When I was a child, I clearly remember the liquid my mother used to push into my mouth saying that it would make my bones stronger. Considering now, I know for sure, it is cod liver oil that stands with the primacy of the most peculiar smell and taste. At that time, I never really understood why my mother called this terrible washing liquid a blessing for mankind. Now, with my knowledge, I testify to his words.

Cod liver oil is extracted from the liver of cod. The fish's liver is pressed to get the oil and then refined to form a water-soluble pill or just a liquid. With modern technology, the unpleasant taste and aroma of this oil can be disguised into a variety of amazing flavors that will avoid consuming this supplement as a bad experience, however, making it truly safe and healthy for your body if consumed in sufficient quantities. Speaking of several scientific facts, cod liver oil is known to be rich in amounts of Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Omega 3 good EPA and DHA fatty acids. These four nutrients in fish oil are considered as building blocks of a healthy body.

To protect bones from the weakening of winter, this oil can do wonders. Vitamin D in cod liver oil helps absorb calcium into the bones, giving them strength. This prevents various health hazards related to bones such as arthritis, joint pain, inability to walk or stand for long and even problems related to teeth. This miracle drug is a must for children who are growing to strengthen their bones and teeth, have healthy and balanced growth, a sharper mind, good physical, faster wound recovery and so on.

For adults, it performs miracles in healing heart disease, blood pressure problems, internal inflammation, cholesterol, diabetes and several other health diseases. If you can get away from all these deadly health ailments with just a little cod liver oil every day, I'm sure this is truly extraordinary. In my opinion, cod fish oil is a must. Health tips for this winter, will you testify that?