Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Hope for All Healing in Medicine

New Hope for All Healing in Medicine

Staying healthy as we know is the concept of the whole body system - we exercise for our whole body, we take vitamins and supplements for our whole body, if we are fat or thin it affects our entire body. This is what we know. But as far as health is concerned in medicine - this is not a clear concept.

Usually the medical world has been looking for viruses or places of concern in the body and waging war there. And only there. That viruses or bacteria are part of your host - you - is not their problem. It's a matter of identifying an intruder and then killing it. Collateral damage to all hosts is a price to defeat the inconvenience.

This brings us to the barriers that are currently owned by medicine - with things like - cancer - where an attack is a matter of an entire system rather than a virus.

The main cause of each year between 1935 and 2012 is heart disease, cancer and stroke. And even though in many cases the death rate has dropped, with this cancer not yet happening, overall. For example, although there is a decrease in stomach cancer - there have been years of increasing mortality rates from lung and brochus cancer in men and women.

And as a whole the medical community and society as a whole have never really understood the true concept of mental illness for example and see it still as a character defect for most, and or a brain virus that needs to be attacked.

But the good news is that gradually the medical world will return to its roots. Receive a disease as a problem or damage to the system as a whole. And despite this desperation born of their 'defeat' in the 'war on cancer' (and now the increasing number of deaths from heart disease in the UK, US and Canada, especially among those under 50) - this is still good news .

Heart disease, after all, is due to a large degree, by lifestyle - obesity and overtly neglect for the organism - the human body and what is needed to stay healthy. Cancer is not a virus (or lifestyle problem) but the whole system (your cellular structure) rotates by itself.

The medical community initially had high hopes for DNA testing and the human genome - and although this means a step forward in assessing the likelihood that someone is susceptible to one form of the disease or another (a well-known test for Parkinson's or Alzheimer's disease) they cannot provide readings from you or my health in real time. They can only say what types of genes and cells you or I have and therefore predispose us to certain types of diseases. Your DNA does not predict the future of your health in a concrete way - it is just an indicator of possibility, which may or may never happen to you individuals.

Overall health care is when a doctor can read from a cellular conversation in your body that tells him what is going on right now. How do you or I as individuals react to certain types of drugs or certain types of chemotherapy, for example. Chemotherapy can appear to destroy your cells where the tumor is, but it can also circulate through your body, combining it with other factors and doing further long-term damage. No one, at this point, knows how to find this. They only treat 'cancer' and hope.

All health care will be where your specific system is understood, which is not the same as my particular system, or your mother or your specific system, how it interacts and reacts to certain stimuli (drugs, chemicals, vitamins, etc.) and then it can prohibit treatments that soothe and eliminate disease throughout your system. And of course it can also show what foods and supplements work best on your system.

In the East, where they do not yet have technology, medicines last only by caring for the whole body, the whole system. There is hope now that we in the West who have been fixated on the war against the virus will move now to combine our technology with the East for that person as a whole system and then we can truly see not only an increase in life, but also the ability to have a life that complete health and optimal health and at any stage of life.