sup guys welcome to do one of the craziest cardio workouts that you've ever done in your life today we have ten exercises 25 seconds work followed

by 25 seconds rest in these 25 seconds of work you should aim for 90 per cent of effort almost everything you got you should put in this exercise then you rest 25 seconds and go to the next one 90 per cent of

your effort almost everything you got so if we're talking about push-ups this is 50 per cent of the energy it is 90 per cent if we're talking about jumping jacks this is 50 per cent of energy this is 90 per cent go-cart but also listen to your body if you feel tired slow it down a little bit but still continue to move forward this workout is part of my full 30 days

 free whole workout program called ultimate summer physique that you can find a link in description definitely check it out and I guarantee you this is not your typical cardio workout this will be very fun very challenging and also beneficial thank you so much for support guys, please subscribe to my channel if you still not do such bright data fiction well give this workout a chance and I guarantee you will not regret it let's start

 defects cheer I never take doubt as a lesson I never second-guess in here-take negativity and reject it I found my mom glad to rejection so why be just fine don't be wasting any time with discretion I've run this campaign like I'm running an election

 I brought the champagne-like we're not in a recession I feel no damn pain ibuprofen is a pleasant feeling pumping through my veins got me feeling like I'm flexing yeah I'm in motion.

 I'm obsessive like the ocean I'm relentless no promotions till profession overdosing on these glasses and these words my only weapon cuts your deep oh yeah right and feel the heat and all the tension need relief from this obsession. Still, I keep myself progressing cuz I Creepo raps a person.

I don't sleep enough you guessed it every second is impressing I've no time to be depressed on this crime to always stress, so I work harder than the rest at all we said to do me I can count on y'all I don't ever doubt by itself I can count on though one.

 I was told to show watch me, and that's a card you walk up you laid on the ground barely breathing you know did you did a good job brother I'm pretty sure that you have a chance to feel the intensity thank you so much working out with me don't forget that if you do this workout just once it will not do anything to

your body if you start to work out daily instead today you will already start seeing results in 180 days you will look completely different so start today and never give up thank you for watching if you like this workout, please leave it a big

my Instagram and share your workouts and progress there definitely check out my other workout challenges and if you're interested in my story how I got here from being broke and working at the McDonald's check out my account right here 

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