How to Not Diet and Lose Weight Permanently in 2020

Hey, what's up everyone happy new year many of us use an ear as an excuse to start fresh we set new goals we change old habits going on a diet or losing weight.

 is a goal that many of us have in the new year I'm Risa Morimoto, your host of modern ageing where we chat about innovative and holistic ways to care for one another as we age you click 

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an ageing calm so when we decide to drop 10 20 pounds in the new year we often do things like buy a gym membership we vow to get those 10,000 steps in every day we decide to go on Weight Watchers 

start keto paleo intermittent fasting everyone's body is different what may work for you may do nothing for me, but there are some things that we should all do to keep those pounds off 
forever but this requires a shift in lifestyle you can't expect to keep the weight off if you're not willing to change habits the 

reality is is that diets typically don't work long term unless you make serious lifestyle changes 95% of foods fail 95% people, so it's not about losing the weight but instead gaining a healthy lifestyle, 
but with some of the tips, I'm about to share with you it might help you

 fall into the 5% who succeed if you've decided that you want to go on a path towards putting your health first that is the key to 

longevity and living your best life let's get to it number one change your mindset about losing weight this is everything if you think 

losing weight is a burden or a sacrifice you're fighting a losing battle you have to make a mindset shift about your lifestyle and the person you want to be it is your mind that decides whether or not you're 
going to have that bowl of ice cream how much of it and how often right change how you think about food and then you can start on your new path towards losing weight some people make a vision 
board of images of how they want to be I'm a very visual person so if I see images that remind me of something I aspire to that is effective and a suitable constant reminder to keep on track of why 
you're doing what you're doing, but it's also essential to utilizing how it feels to be in that position now and not in the future so what so that when you're at a healthy weight, and you feel good mentally
 and physically how will that change the way you live in the world 

different right you need to act like that now and your mind and body will follow if you're not a visual person then maybe you should put up positive messages encouragement to yourself and post-it notes or mirrors or other places that you frequently look at to remind yourself of your goal it's not really about willpower I mean willpower is excellent but when you create a mindset 

shift looking forward to the green smoothie instead of the muffin that's when the magic happens, and it can happen you fake it until you make it you create a new habit with a mindset shift you create a new dialogue in your head if you hate going to the gym saying you hate going to the gym is only setting you up for failure, but when those feelings are procrastination and not wanting to go creep up on you then that's the trigger to say to yourself I'm going to feel so much better after 

I finish my workout it's only 30 minutes or one hour of my day say to yourself I'm looking forward to going even if you're not you got a trick your brain when the will to be that person you want to be is more durable than the chocolate cake that's sitting in front of you then you know you're on the road to permanent weight loss number two keep a food journal in a 2008 s

tudy people who kept a food journal tracking everything they ate doubled doubled their weight loss when compared to those who didn't this is an easy way to keep yourself accountable the reality is when we're held accountable for our actions were more likely to follow through it's just human nature if you feel like you may cheat then maybe you need to ask your partner or sibling friend whoever to be your accountability partner it's also good to write down how you're feeling after eating certain foods you don't have to write down calories unless you're like an obsessive calorie counter but the reality is is that carolerich calories is actually less important than what you're actually eating and how much of it the great thing about a food journal is with practice and patience you'll actually start to see new habits emerge number three sit let's move more we all know that we need to move around more so why don't we do it our culture's gradually become more sedentary and it's having an enormous negative effect on our health staying stationary not only affects our weight but our digestive system our mental health our physical health but you know you just need to start where you are don't punish yourself because it's hard to get up and move around if you're not in shape to run a marathon then start by walking at least 10 minutes a day and then move up to 15 20 30 or more every day make it fun by walking with a friend or listening to a favorite podcast I love listening to podcasts while I walk my dog in the morning it's become so much of a ritual that my body actually feels out of whack if I don't do it they say takes 3 to 4 weeks of daily repetition for something to become a habit so do it every day number 4 get proper sleep there is overwhelming evidence that sleep plays a vital role in weight management along with diet and exercise lack of sleep can raise cortisol levels which causes fat retention around the midsection we know that fatigue makes it harder to exercise and let's be real you'll pretty much have zero willpower to do much of anything let alone diet when your sleeper deprived if you're having problems sleeping try melatonin or CBD I use CBD oil to sleep

 I've actually not had problems getting to sleep, but I would have real issues staying asleep I would wake up every couple of hours to go to the bathroom until
 my Chinese medicine doctor said I wasn't getting enough rest because 

I had too many disturbances, so I tried CBD oil, and it actually works amazingly for me, and I can tell the difference number five reduce the refined sugar carbs and processed foods, so many of us are addicted to sugar and carbs we reach for that piece of bread which we think is going to satisfy.

 the hunger craving we can't resist the Entenmann's Danish sitting on the counter it's not your fault you walk into a supermarket, and it's freaking everywhere it's easy, and it tastes good we've been conditioned to like and become addicted to these foods it gives us a short temporary high that only makes us crave more but believe it or not you can also crave dark leafy greens and fruit I'm serious some of you may have to go cold turkey 

while others need to gradually weed off the sugar carbs and processed foods first off it's easier not to buy it if it's not in your house you're less likely to eat it instead of two pieces of toast have one every other day create substitutes instead of sugar try honey 

agave you can totally do this don't allow the food companies and ads to rule your life losing weight and creating a healthier lifestyle has enormous long-term effects you save money on future medical bills future medications you have more energy to do things you never thought possible your mood will change, and you're likely to be happier that sounds like a pretty good trade-off 

it won't be easy, and it certainly will not happen overnight, but you keep focused, and you don't approach it as though this is a diet I'm gonna do for the next month or so 

I'll drop the ten pounds, and then I can go back to living how I was you got to change the attitude change your life you deserve better if you thought this was helpful. 

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